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When you think of building a resume, it is absolutely clear and can be foretold that you are looking for it to get hired. It is not rocket science to understand your intentions when you look out to gain some help from an expert or some professional. You want your resume to be personalized and individualized so that it stands out from the rest of the party and is unique so that your chances of getting hired are increased. You have not come to a place that offers these kinds of services just to have fun and spend your spare time. No one will do that and there is no thrill in doing so.


Why on earth would someone go to a website and fill in his personal information just to receive a generic resume that is just like others with mathematical precision? It is both a tragedy and an irony at the same time. Sadly, MyPerfectResume is in the habit of making a resume that is very generic and not at all specific especially when you are not paying them. Only when you start paying them huge amounts of money, you can get a personalized resume.

Website Appearance and User Interface

MyPerfectResume wins that race very well having an aesthetic and far more beautiful mixture of colors and design than its contemporary websites. The content is nicely formatted and designed in charming colors that make it look elegant even at the first glance. There is a simple but beautiful mesh of blue and green colors that create a soothing effect for eyes. The language used is simple and clear and you have no trouble knowing what to do with what and how to use the website. You can select from the options that serve you best with ease and it takes no time to figure it out, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Their copywriting job is just perfect. You can see the testimonials and other material from their home and can have a quick see-through of the services offered on it, without having to face the trouble of navigating a lot in the website to get your desired services.

The Services Offered

It should be made clear here that is a website that offers some templates for free that have been hired by some companies as famous as Verizon, Walmart, and Applebees. The templates are really good and it is their plus point to provide such templates free of cost. These templates are just perfect and we can say that they are ones of the few that are actually captivating and genuine work done by the masters. These templates come from the masters, not from lay professionals or experts.

They also provide you a resume builder tool that is just excellent and can be used without any difficulty, and it does not require a lot of intelligence and hard work to fill the boxes and fill the information in, to produce a resume that is not only acceptable but sometimes just amazing. That is how AI works and you know it is always improving and who knows which day it beats humans, masters, professionals and so-called experts. But the question is, has it managed to produce professional resumes at this time? The answer is a huge NO.

Then there comes a tool which they call Cover Letter Builder. They claim to build a personalized cover letter for your resume that will make you land the interview. There is a huge Question Mark when someone uses the word personalized along with AI, especially at this time. Maybe in the future, but not this time. What you will get in the end is a piece that is generic rather than being specific. Randomness is a thing nearly impossible to achieve, both for humans and the computers, in the end, you are going to see a generalized pattern that is repeated for every single resume you drop there to build a cover letter for it at MyPerfectResume.

There is a professional service available and you can opt for it by becoming their pro member. You have to pay them and only then you will get your resume written by professionals, which will also be personalized and something specific and exclusive to you, they claim.

An Overview

MyPerfectResume offers subscriptions and free tools at the same time. It provides some special features, gives no guarantees, and provides instant results for its tools that can be used for free as well as paid depending upon what kind of user you are. Provides you a professional resume building service, so that your resume is to be written by experts in three working days, but you have to be a pro member to use this service.

Their resume builder tool is available for free but you can use all of its features only if you pay them. That is how MyPerfectResume works. They claim something to be free on their homepage but when you are done with your resume they will make you pay them for downloading your resume or using their premium features. There is also a big issue that this tool produces very generic resumes that are of no use to you. This tool gives you tips on how to fill the information and many other things which are sometimes bothersome for you and are really irritating. The website lacks a complete blog on how to create a resume and it is very frustrating to not find anywhere on the website.


The Pricing and the Plans

They provide two plans.

One is a three-month plan that offers full services for a 5$ and is non-renewable.

There is another plan which is annual that is offered for 71$ and is auto-renewable.

Both of these plans give users access to cover letter builder. Users can have over 30 services and can download their resumes and print them in multiple formats and colors.

Both of these plans offer a refund if a user is not satisfied with their services.


  • This website contains an in-built text editor that is just perfect for the job it is meant to do.
  • It has phrases that are pre-written and can be excellently put into your own resume without having to modify them.
  • It provides important skills and keywords that are somewhat personalized and this is huge for a website like that.
  • There are different options available for customer service, including email and phone.
  • It gives access to all the templates and tips for free, no need to pay them if you want to modify these templates on your own. They will charge you however for downloading these.


  • They do not tell about the pricing on their homepage. Only after you have created your resume and cover letter that they tell you to pay them. It is very frustrating for many users.
  • There is no support for photos in the resumes.
  • Some people have problems canceling their plans and they will charge you without letting you know.
  • The resume builder tool is very generic and is not all specific or personalized as they claim it to be.
  • Bad customer care service.

Trust and Reputation

They do not forget to mention on their homepage that they have a score of 4.5 on trust pilot based on nearly 5000 reviews. They have been reviewed 5 stars by 79 percent of their customers. Some of the customers have also complained about hidden charges and deductions made from their accounts without even notifying them.

They also have a good score on site jabber, having an average rating of 4.3. People have stated their satisfaction over its helpful services and user-friendliness.

Customer Service

We have tested their customer service and it is not great, to be honest. Great customer service has a chance of winning a customer forever and retaining it, while bad customer service can turn customers and potential buyers away. It is what has happened with this website. They have a customer service that does not exist anywhere. There is an email and a telephone number given, but you are living in a fool’s paradise if you think if they will ever bother answering you. They do not do this kind of stuff, probably they do not appreciate its importance. They are in a bad habit of not replying and not responding, and habits just do not go away.

Conclusive Remarks

If you want to deal with software that will create a resume and cover letter for you, it is the best site on the face of the earth. But, if you want to get a professional resume and want to seek human help if a problem arises, you should better look for a real place where they are available 24/7 to help you, as it is what you have paid for. If you can create a resume on your own, with the help of templates that this website provides, you can come here again and again and you will have no need to look anywhere else, they are really very good at it.


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