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Service Quality


Product Quality




An overall review of the website

This time we will be reviewing I liked the company’s website. It looks modern, dynamic and everything stands in its place. Navigation on such a website is not difficult; you intuitively understand where to click for the necessary information or service—made in white-red-green colours, pleasing to the eye. A live chat window pops up in the lower right corner, where you can immediately ask all your questions. They respond quickly, within a minute or two. By the way, the first message is an offer with a 10% discount off your order, so don’t miss it! Everything on the website is very straightforward – splash screen, service descriptions, customer reviews, prices, and a blog. There are not many sections, but are they needed? Everything you need is close at hand, so the site itself makes an excellent impression.

What they offer

The company offers several service packages – Career Pro, Professional and Premium. What they include:

Career Pro

  • Professional Resume
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Price – $ 149


  • Professional Resume
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn write-up
  • Price – $ 229


  • Professional Resume
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn write-up
  • Second Resume Version
  • Thank you / Follow up Note (s)
  • Cold Email to Recruiters
  • Price – $ 339

As you can see, the set includes only the necessary services that can be in demand. I am very impressed with such sets of services because the Career Coaching that many websites offer is nothing more than a way to lure money out of gullible clients.

The prices seem to me to be very reasonable.


Additional features

The resumeble website has a fantastic blog that is updated once a week. After reading a few of them, I concluded that most likely they are ordered from freelancers and are not thoroughly checked before posting, since there were several points that people who know about recruiting would not have written. But in their majority, the articles are very informative and entertaining. I love when websites from this niche have blogs with so many useful articles. A person who came here without money will definitely pick up a lot of new things and gain some experience.

Quality of the service

They talked very nicely with me before ordering, but my experience with the writer after I made the payment was the opposite. And in general, I got the impression that the person I communicated to plays the role of a coordinator, and I was not directly connected with the writer. My questions remained unanswered for a long time, I believe that I was not asked much about the desires, target companies, etc. And this, as I think, caused problems in the future.

Quality of the product

As I described above, the “discovery” stage was carried out by the company very poorly. They didn’t ask me what I want to achieve and what goals I set for myself. I chose the field of sales, so the range of directions was quite extensive. For some reason, they decided that I was looking for a job similar to what I had in the past. When they sent me the first draft, I told them about it, and what do you think, they mentioned to me that I should have told them this right away. Hey, and what about your 1-on-1 approach advertised by your site? Well, they revamped my resume and the cover letter. After that, I asked them to rewrite the upper part of my resume slightly and then realized that they started disliking me a lot. I was surely classified as a “difficult client”, as every step they took after that, was accompanied by the question: “Are you satisfied with everything, sir?”, which annoyed me very much.

Meeting deadlines

They were late, but they can say that “I haven’t told them what to do”, so it’s not their fault. I received the final version of my documents 2 days later after the deadline.


You need to study your clients and really have an individual approach. Especially when it comes to things like resume writing. After all, you do not just draw up a document, but take responsibility for representing a person in the best light for the employer. And therefore, even considering that the final product turned out to be of acceptable quality, I was very disappointed with this company’s experience. I would not want people who entirely trust professionals to come to them. Although, on the Internet, there are many positive reviews about this company, as well as descriptions of cases when people got higher positions with their help. But my experience is disappointing, and I cannot rate this company high.