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An overall review of the website

This time we will talk about the resumention company. Going to their website, I thought – hmmm, looks good, quite simple and modern. It is not overloaded with information for the visitor, and I would say it is the one-page website. The homepage tells about their services, the types of resumes they work with, and the prices for different sets of services. The footer contains answers to the most frequently asked questions. In general, I like the concept of a one-page site offering services, and I think it works great in the modern world, especially for the younger generation: less description, more straightforwardness. The website is entirely in line with this concept. Since the site is simple, navigation is also very simple. Basically, you don’t need to go beyond the main page.

What they offer

What does the resumention company offer? There are three main sets of services:

Basic package

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Word document
  • 24hrs Customer Service
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Direct Contact with your writer
  • Price: $ 83.16

Full Resume Package

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Word Document
  • 24hrs Customer Service
  • Price: $ 107.96

Full CV Package

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Word document
  • 24hrs Customer Service
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Direct Contact with your writer
  • Price: $ 131.96

Apart from unusual pricing, their service descriptions are not entirely clear. How does the second set differ from the third? If the company believes that there is a difference between Resume and CV, then why, after paying for the third set, the customer will receive a Resume and not CV? Another point: the note that the customer will receive a “Word document”. And what if he/she asks to get the document in the PDF? There will be an extra charge?

They also offer the following services:

Resume Writing and Editing – $ 89.95

CV Writing and Editing – $ 129.95

Cover Letter Writing – $ 39.95

LinkedIn Bio – $ 69.95

Resume Design – $ 155.95

Resume / CV review – $ 197.95


Additional features

The website does not have a blog or any additional services or features. There is an opportunity to use a live chat, but for some reason no one answered me.

Quality of the service

Before placing the order, everything went smoothly, they clearly explained what I will get and how much it would cost. However, the writer I was connected to was not overly polite. She answered questions, but without much enthusiasm, I could feel that she just had to do her job, and didn’t care about the rest. 

In general, you can always get through to them, and they will respond to emails quickly enough.

Quality of the product

Here everything is interesting. After paying for my resume, and getting the first draft, I found that the resume’s text changed, but the format remained the same. When I asked why they used my old template, they told me that “resume design” is not included in the price of this package, and is a separate service that they will gladly provide me for $ 155.95. Just! I drew attention to this service before placing an order, but for some reason, I thought that people of some creative professions would use it, clearly not the guy working in IT (whose role I played this time).

As for the resume itself, the quality was … Average. Nothing special, just the guys did their job. Most likely, by rewriting someone’s ready-made resume. By the way, my writer had no idea what the Reaсt JS library was.

Meeting deadlines

Everything was done on time.


In conclusion, I will tell you the following – my impressions of communicating with the resumention company were not the best. Even considering that they changed my template, saying that this is a big bonus and usually they don’t do this (What an honor!), I found exactly the same in their “Samples” section. The experience of communicating with the writer was also not the best. Every time I said that I didn’t like something, she made it clear that she was a professional and knew what she was doing, but interfered with her work. In general, she behaved extremely unprofessionally and spoke in such a way that a person in my place would feel humiliated. I can’t rate it highly, because I don’t think they deserve it.