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What is a resume? This is, in fact, your business card. In your resume, you should present yourself as attractively as possible to the employer. The moment you are looking for a job can be compared to buying/selling. You are a product (even if such a comparison is a little rough but accurate), and you need to present yourself only in the best light.
The resume should be written in a competent language, without mistakes, in a business style. Remember – if you did not receive a call after sending your resume, then it didn’t work. Come back to your old one, find mistakes, and get back to the search.

We perfectly understand that not all people, even if they are professionals in their field, know how to write a resume to stand out among all, perhaps, no less worthy candidates. A person who appreciates his own time and needs a professional resume starts looking for a professional resume writing service. And then he discovers that there are a lot of such companies doing it! They all have attractive websites where they give promises and guarantees, talk about their team members’ competence, etc. Of course, if you are one of those who are used to ordering the desired service without a shadow of a doubt on the first website that they come across, there is no problem – you make a couple of clicks and take out your credit card.

Good news! If you are reading this, you are definitely not one of them. Most likely, you are the type of person who prefers to spend 10-15 minutes trying to figure out which company in a particular area offers the best value for money.

Another good news is that our blog reviews and rates the services provided by these sites.

The Best Resume Writing Services

Rank Company Price
ResumesUniverse.com Review

9.7 / 10

Starts at 119$
Monster Resume Review

7.3 / 10

Starts at 129$
myPerfectResume Review

6.9 / 10

Starts at 99$
LiveCareer Review

6.4 / 10

Starts at 99$
TopResume Review

6.3 / 10

Starts at 149$

How we do reviews

First of all, I would like to say that we rate not only the quality of the final product but the entire experience. Our blog’s main task is to answer the question – what will I get for my money?

These are the points, our plan according to which we are compiling a review for each of these companies:

1) It all starts with service. How well the company has taken care of who communicates with their customers. Do they make grammatical mistakes while communicating? How quickly do they answer questions, do they clearly explain the process?
2) Types of services. Aside from the resume itself, can they write a cover letter, set up a LinkedIn profile?
3) Prices. Probably the aspect that should come first on this list. But it is on the third.
4) Additional services that the company offers for your money. This can be the ability to post your resume on leading job search sites, as well as direct links with employment agencies and employers.

We are confident that our blog will be useful for you and that you will make the right choice because our team consisted of people who have vast experience in recruitment. They know exactly what a professional resume should look like. We sincerely wish you the best in your job search!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay someone to write my Resume?
Yes, of course. By paying a professional to write a resume, you will avoid making mistakes when deciding to write it yourself. Generally, people who offer their services in this field have worked in recruiting agencies or HR departments in the past. They have gone through thousands of resumes and know what it should look like to attract employers’ attention.
How much does it costs to get a Professionally Written Resume?
The price may vary depending on the company, your position and work experience. Our research has shown that the standard and fair price for writing a Resume and Cover Letter is approximately $ 150. However, some companies offer their services at significantly higher prices.
Who is the best company offering Professional Resume Writing in 2021?
We reviewed most of the companies offering services in this niche and concluded that these are ResumesUniverse and Monster.com. These companies, in our opinion, offer the best value-for-money services in 2021.
Should I use Professionals to Write my Resume?
It’s up to you to decide. Writing a resume is not rocket science, but experience in recruiting will speed up the process and give more guarantees for success. In today’s world, people can find many tips on the internet. By applying them, you will achieve more or less the same results. However, you will have to spend several hours doing this, and you can still miss something important.