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The website of looks very simple and straightforward. You can scroll through all the pages of the website in a few minutes. The website is designed to make clicking simple. Each page of this website contains vital information about everything the company has to offer in fewer words making it possible for users to read through the pages from top to the bottom in a very short time. 

Working with this website is simple. Since there are no heavy graphics, images and pop-up ads on the website, it loads faster. This makes it easier for people with little internet experience to use the services offered by this website in the shortest time possible. 

This website is built for usability and functionality. You will complete your order in no time. The unique blend of black and white colour makes navigation easier. What welcomes you on the homepage are a few information about the company on the “Who we are” section, some career tips, a “Get a Free CV Review” box, “How it Works’ section that provides a simple guide on how to use their services from start to finish and a three bullet points information that explains what you stand to get when you hire a professional CV writing company to handle your CV.  


An overall review of the website

In terms of design, this website is better than many others in this field. They have done a great job developing and decorating the pages. The colorful layout of the pages is aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching.

Now for the functionality of the website, we encounter many bugs on the website. For example, when you try to click on the live chat button, it leads you nowhere. It does not respond at all.

Navigation is complex. There is no uniform navigation system. You can not make a clear picture of the website in your head. Many navigation buttons are placed randomly. In a nutshell, it does not have an order, maybe due to the large number of services offered.

What they offer

The company offers a variety of CV services that help users to have a great start to their new job search. The company specialize in a range of packages including Standard, Professional and Premium. All of these services provide users with a professional CV, and you can get an ATS-Friendly CV for £89 at the standard package. If you order the professional package, you will get a CV, Original Cover Letter, Unlimited free revisions, and 60-day interview guarantee. LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Executive Writer’s expertise is not available for this package. The package costs £119. The premium package includes ATS-Friendly CV, Original Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Unlimited free revisions, 60-day interview guarantee and executive writer’s expertise. You can order this service for £199.

The company boasts of having several expert writers with vast experience in different industries who have been delivering professional service over several years. Once you order, you will be linked with one of these professional writers who will work with you till you are a hundred percent satisfied.


How to Order

To order for any of these services, simply select your suitable package after which you are provided with the options to make a payment for your order. You will be linked with an experienced CV writer who will work with you to provide you with a CV tailored to your goals.

Payment Method 

The website provides only two payment options – Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. To make payments for any of the services, click the ‘Order’ button, choose either PayPal or Debit/Credit Card, and fill the short form. Your order is completed.

Additional features

The website features a mini-blog “Career Advice,” that contains a few useful articles aimed at helping users to build a better and long-lasting career. Relatively, the blog needs updating. Ideally, a relevant blog should contain enough informative articles to help users with a variety of essential information that covers every aspect of career development and management including how to land their dream job, answer some weird interview questions, negotiate salaries, sustain a healthy and successful career and more.  The company needs to put more attention, particularly to the “Career Advice’ to make it more like a befitting blog. 

The website also offers a free CV review service which is to help users to have a free expert analysis of their CVs to find out if their CV is up to the maximum standard or good enough to be uploaded on various job websites. This also comes with professional advice and recommendations from experienced CV writers.

Quality of the service

Communicating with this website is quite tedious. No live chat box that enables users to have an instant one on one interaction with the company, and that makes it complicated. Professional CV writing requires active communication methods means that will allow users to provide detailed information about what they want and makes it easier for the assigned writers to understand users’ request fully. The company needs to improve on their communication methods to have a better and more effective customer relation. 

The only means to interact with the customer service department of the company is by clicking “Contact Us”. On the Contact Us page, you will only find the company’s email address, office address, and a short contact form with which you can send your message. There’s no phone to call, no any form of live interaction whatsoever. This is not ideal for a professional CV writing firm. They need to work on their customer support service to give clients a better experience. 

It took me about 32 hours before I could get feedback from the customer service department via my email address. It was so boring and discouraging. 

Quality of the product

The final copy of my CV was far below my expectations. I decided to use a professional CV writing service because I was looking for a great CV that will be my perfect ambassador but what I got was a misrepresentation of my personality. The CV did not communicate my skills and experience in a way that will present me as the best fit for the job.  It only contains some statements that focus on my needs instead of what I can offer my prospective employer. The formatting was also wrong. The writer used quirky fonts and too many long grammatically incorrect sentences. It is unprofessional.   

Meeting deadlines

The first draft was delayed for two days. I sent a reminder to the writer, but there was no response. Well. The order finally came two days after and was full of errors. I asked for revisions, but it took me more than five days before I could get a revised copy. Although the writer assigned to me was very polite and listened well, yet, he couldn’t deliver on time, and that was annoying. 


My experience with this CV writers was bad from the start. I couldn’t talk to them as I wanted and they did an unprofessional job for me. They told a different story about me, and the CV was very confusing to read. They marred the CV with outdated bullet points, Poor formatting quirky fonts and all that. The final product told a bad story about the company. This is very disappointing.