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It is always wise to get an opinion first from an expert who also has the first-hand experience with the thing you are looking for. After all, it does not cost anything but a little bit of time which is going to pay you huge in the near future and may save your hard-earned money. We took a detailed survey of, studied it, consulted with the concerned persons i.e. their representatives as well as customers, and then became their customers to judge them and analyze for you.

How it is when you want to apply for an important job and you are very concerned about it. You may be nervous and want to get the opinion of an expert so that it seems just perfect. You get to a website where you can drop your resume to have a  critique of it. Do you get the review by an expert or your resume is analyzed by a bot and you get a generalized opinion? Okay, you get reviewed by a bot that may have a good AI base and maybe better than an expert. It may also be the case that you get an opinion that is just junk and scrap and is worth nothing.


A Quick See-through

Founded back in 2014, it is a great website that is far better than others in many aspects. Its price starts from a basic 149$ that is humble when compared to its competitors. It gives you discounts as well but provides no deadlines. Provides free revision, with guaranteed interview invitation.

Unique Aspects

It provides a special career advice blog that contains really nice content and is actually helpful. It is full of guidance for every person who wants to get a quick job. The richness of content is really great and gives a nice touch to the overall user experience. It casts out information about how to handle the interview well and negotiate the salary. The thing is this type of content is scattered here and there beautifully on the website.

Free Samples

This is the website that provides you free samples on various categories ranging from aviation to banking, and you can actually use them with minimal changes, subtractions, and additions for your own resume. So it is not actually beating about the bush when it comes to providing free samples but they have a real value for you and this is all for zero dollars.

Services and Qualities

There are three types of services they boast about.

  • Professional growth is very basic and can be sought for 179$.
  • Career evolution is a medium package.
  • Executive priority resume that is actually their premium package.

It is here that differs from other websites and plays differently. It provides its basic package in 179$ and for medium and premium packages, it provides some additional benefits along with a basic professional growth resume that is keyword optimized, formatted for success, and is written by an expert.

Career evolution provides a cover letter and a sixty days interview guaranty. Their premium package includes a LinkedIn makeover.

They only provide resumes and are a trendsetter in this game, but please do not expect CVs as their website does not contain this world, it looks so. 

The Pricing Part

topresume prices

As we have already said that they play a different game when it comes to pricing and packages. They charge you:

  • 179$ for a basic package
  • 219$ for a medium package
  • 349$ for a premium package

When it comes to pricing they are very clear and detailed. They provide you with all the details and are very specific in it. They do things differently and state their prices and packages clearly. It is a good thing on their part and they are appreciated for that.

They do not like giving discounts, it seems. They provide you services free of cost or will charge you, a black and white dealing. They do not run a color picture. It is also a fact that they are very affordable in their pricing and thus they probably do not think that they can give you more than that.

Free Resume Review

It is a great feature though but it needs evaluation. We tested this feature exclusively and have come to the conclusion that it is actually a bot run by AI.

They use algorithms to check and evaluate a resume and provide some insight into it. It is nearly always auto-generated and is generic rather than being specific. It is through the computing power and intelligent algorithms that they provide similar reviews to various resumes and get away with it. It is intended for bulk reviews and for masses, so we advise you not to try it and test it. It will only be a waste of time.

The reason behind automating such a critical service is quite clear. The company is driven by profit and the more the customers the more the revenue they can generate. Hiring professionals and then making them do the reviews for all customers for free is a game that has the word “lost” carved on its face. It is not viable and long-lasting and can not be done on a large scale. Automating the process and leaving it then on the computers is the only feasible solution that they have. It is what they have chosen and indeed played their game well. But the problem with this is that these game types are not short term and have their benefits in the long run. It may be that in near future it gets better, that is what machine learning is all about but to date, this service is not for you and you should better not try it. Done with that we move to our next topic which is about customer care and responsiveness.

Customer Service – Reliable but Slow

Let me make it clear here that they are not very quick but they do not lag behind and can be trusted. When you contact them for a solution or if you have some queries, it is again that you meet a bot first. It will tell you that this message is folded and pressed automatically by their bots and that human help is on its way. It is a fact that they are being true and honest, but it is not a thing like 24/7 customer service.

They have listed all the telephone numbers that you contact on, and have provided all the mails that are dedicated for specific purposes, and also have a contact form that has relevant fields to be filled and is sufficient for all the problems a customer can face.

To make a long story short and in a nutshell, they have a great Customer Service but are slow in their response.

Our Experience with TopResume

We thought about giving them a try by becoming their customers and have our resumes reviewed by them for the sole purpose of quality evaluation and to judge them for you. We got our two resumes reviewed by them that were designed specifically to judge their service and belonged to different categories. It was astonishing to see that they treated both resumes almost equally although they belonged to two different professions. Sometimes the review was the same for both even word to word. It is not verbatim true but just the same. They reviewed the resumes for the following things.

  • Visual and aesthetic preference
  • Writing style
  • Educational background
  • Raw data obtained directly from the resume
  • Tracking System analyzing you as an applicant

If you are not familiar with ATSs or applicant tracking systems, let me make it clear that it is a sort of software that analyzes resumes based on keywords and thus helps hiring managers to have some idea about the applicants and sort them out. It is wise to be familiar with this software to stand out among a large set of data and get hired quickly.


Based on our data, and by analyzing the two resumes that we sent to them and got them reviewed, we are of a firm opinion that they did not manually check each application and the response was automatically generated. Both resumes belonged to different categories and professions but got almost the same suggestions. The critique was generic and not at all specific, indeed full of redundant statements. To add to the fun, it told one applicant to include something that was already there in the resume. It was a bit confusing sometimes. Suggestions made by them were just unnecessary.


It would be unjust not to mention that the review was really helpful in some regard. It provided valuable suggestions too and was able to differentiate the two resumes to some degree. Its algorithms provided personalized suggestions too, even to the point where we are unsure whether it was made by an expert or an AI computer program. You get some really helpful insight into your resume and benefit a lot from the review.

In a Nutshell

To conclude, TopResume has a better customer support and is affordable but you should not expect a high-quality review made by an expert.


One thought on “ Review: Do you get what you are looking for?

  1. I am in the middle of resume writing service with TopResume and I am woefully dissatisfied. I am experiencing all of what your site lists with customer service being slow and my “writer” (probably bot assisted) telling me to provide something for my Cover Letter that I provided in my first feedback message, only that is has been over a week since that message and I continue to get nothing of substantial quality from my writer. I have tried to ask for a new writer through the help messenger but alas, after 28 hours I still have received nothing from anyone with an actual pulse. Do NOT pay for their service. If you’re reading this you did your homework on resume services before you paid and let me tell you, it is a good thing that you did. TopResume is an absolute joke and they offer zero refund even if they don’t make their own timeline.

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