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An overall review of the website

We are compelled to start this review on a negative note because of the poor visibility of this website. The font used on the website is so small that you develop eye-strain after you have spent five minutes on the website. Readability is very low and the format is poor. It seems that the developer had no aesthetic sense at all.

Since there are only a few things on the website, you can easily navigate between the pages.

Featuring a yellow and blue format, these guys seem to have lost their sense of proportion also. I must say that the design of this website is enough to make even a cat laugh. On top of that stinky cake, they showcase their bold claims on every single page.

It was a brief review of the website, but, to evaluate this service fully, we must take into account all the things that a resume writing service should have.


What they offer

First of all, let me declare that there are no bundled packages available for resume services here. You can have additional services along with a resume, but you have to pay separately for each of the services. At first, we noticed that they are offering their services at very low prices. But we were wrong. Since there are no bundled services, we were looking at the prices of resumes for different levels.

Here are the resume services offered by them with their prices:

  • Student and entry-level resumes at $99
  • All other professional resumes at $119
  • Senior and high-level executive resumes at $199
  • Federal and government resumes at $189

You must have noticed here that the prices above are not very high. But if you choose some of the extra services, the prices go very steep. Here are the extra services that they offer:

  • Cover letters at $69.95
  • Thank-you letters at $59.95
  • Keyword-targeted resume at a price of an additional $49.95
  • LinkedIn profile at $89.95
  • Career coaching packages at prices from $69.95 to $189


Additional features

This company does not only offer some additional resume writing services, but they also provide career coaching and resume distribution services. You can pay them to distribute your resume in the hiring market. It might be an attractive offer for a job seeking person. They also let you choose from a list of companies that might be interested in hiring you based on your resume.

Quality of the service

There is a live chat button on the website. They will also let you know if an agent is online. Typically, they reply within a few minutes.

You can call them on the phone or email them. There is a contact form available on the website, so you can choose to contact them via this method while remaining on the website.

They boldly claim to give you a 45-day guarantee. Not only that, but they will pay you $100 if you do not get a job in 45 days. It seems they know the psychology of deception very well.

If you contact them even for a revision, they have many tricky answers ready. They know how to dodge a question from a client very well, sometimes promising to contact you back after confirmation, which they never do.

Quality of the product

First of all, they do not know how to format a resume. It looked like a nineteenth-century resume. The design was there but it was not aesthetically pleasing, even to the contrary.

When ordering a resume, one is supposed to provide every bit of information about oneself so that the resume is fully customized. We also did so and even provided some previous resumes to them. To our surprise, they took all the information from our previous resumes and put it into a new format.

The font used was also smaller, so it was hard to read it. There were many errors in the cover letter.

Meeting deadlines

If you are not in haste, it will take them 2-3 business days to send you the first draft.

If you are in a 3rd class rush, you will receive your resume for $40 in 1-2 business days.

If you are in a 2nd class rush, you will receive your resume within 24 hours for an extra $80.

If you are in 1st class rush, you will receive your resume in 12 hours for an extra $190.

As you can see, the price goes very high if you choose any of the above rush options. This is especially true for the 1st class rush, for which the price is unreasonably high.

They meet the deadlines in most cases.


We do not recommend this service to our readers for several reasons. The website is poorly designed and is difficult to read. They make bold claims which arise suspicion. There are no bundled packages available. The quality of resume services is very bad, so is the case with customer support. How on earth should one buy such a low-quality product while there are many websites out there that offer better services for the same or even low price?