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6.0/10 is an outplacement and employer branding company that is aimed at serving both job seekers and employers. Whether you are an employer who wants to hire qualified professionals for your company, or a fresh graduate on a mission to hunt for a suitable job, this website offers its services to you although they will be very expensive. We have reviewed this website in detail, so you can judge for yourself if this website meets your demands. If you ask for our opinion, we do not recommend this website at all.


User Experience

The entire website comes in black and white. They have not used a single color other than that, so you are welcome to a technological antique. We can say that it has a simple design, perhaps a good thing when achieved nicely.

It has a dull impression. You do not get enough information about anything. Navigation is simple and easy. Looks like a web designer has designed this website in an evening while consuming beer and eating popcorn. After spending some time navigating the website, you come to know that it has no holistic design.

What they offer

It is primarily a company that matches professionals with hirers. So it is not like other resume writing services that we have reviewed before. On one side, this company offers its resume writing services to you. It also gives you an opportunity to build your own resume by using its free resume building tool. On the other hand, they offer many job posting services for employers. Job seekers can see the jobs posted and apply to them. There are some article resources there that will help fresh graduates how to secure a job, fit into a work environment, and get managerial and other top positions. This database of articles is just average, please do not expect research-backed content. Everything is just a common sense thing, no authoritative material is there which you can trust and admire.

For job seekers, they offer their resume writing services that comprise entry, professional and executive-level resumes. You get only a resume or a cover letter. There are no CV writing services. There is no additional service like a LinkedIn profile or follow up/thank you letters either. If you want to have these services too, better look for another resume writing service. 


Additional features

This website does not offer any special features if your only concern is to get a resume. You will get a resume or at the most a cover letter. They do not deliver any LinkedIn profile makeover or thank you letters. If you want to receive these along with a resume, better look for another resume writing website. If you want to search for a job on their job board, only then this website may have some value for you. There are some articles and a reading resource available on the website that might interest you.

Quality of the service

We evaluated some sample resumes available on the website and checked their quality. We found them to be quite ordinary and there were many errors in them. Some critical grammatical mistakes were obvious. We were also disappointed by the resume delivered when we ordered one. It was not bad but it did not justify the money they charge for a resume.


It is an expensive service. They demand a huge amount from you for a couple of services. To make things worse, the quality of work is also very low.

We won’t be discussing the prices for employer packages as most of our visitors are job seekers. There are three types of packages available. The cheapest one available is the entry-level pro that costs you $199. The most expensive is the executive package, which they offer for $459. If you do not pay them any extra bucks, they are supposed to deliver your resume in a week or so. You will get a resume and a cover letter, they do not provide additional services.

There are no discounts available.

Customer support

They don’t have a phone or live chat feature available. You can contact them via email, and they do not bother responding. This is the kind of customer support they provide to their customers.

Without any customer support, we find ourselves suspicious of their services. It looks like they are not fraud or some scam. They are a legitimate resume writing service. Nonetheless, it seems that they do not focus on their resume writing service. Since it is not a dedicated resume writing website, you are not on their priority list. They have many important things to do, and resume writing is definitely not one of them.

We did not hear from them for hours. You have to wait for a full day for their response. It can sometimes take them more than a day to respond. Do not be impatient, human help is on its way.

Can a resume writing service be reliable without 24/7 customer support? Not nowadays.

Website usability

This website is poorly formatted, so you have difficulty navigating. Features are not listed properly, and there are many hidden features. You can not access the right information in an easy way. It is quite a headache getting to know different features and then making any use of them.

On top of that, you have to make an account to be able to order something. Only when you sign up can you fill out a form to place an order. There is no information about the payment process either.

We cannot say that this website is honest with its users.

Final words

Though it is a legit company, we do not recommend this website to our readers. They produce poor quality work and often reproduce it. They have very upright and steep fees compared to other resume offering websites. They have extinct customer support, and we are not sure it ever existed. There are many resume writing services out there that are offering better services for very low prices.