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When you want a resume for yourself it already implies that you are in need of a service that is very professional and creative at the same time. If a service is not reliable, has some confusing interface and the quality of work delivered is just average, you get even more frustrated. So, all that you expect in that kind of scenario is a place where you do not have to see all these troubles and you get a truly well-written resume that comes from an expert and not from some AI algorithm.

This website claims to have been  in this business for more than a decade and it is a very famous website indeed that has a quite rich pool of testimonials and reviews.. They boast that most of their customers are satisfied with the services of their website. In addition to resumes, this company offers some additional but associated and relevant services like cover letters, CVs etc.. You can choose an individual service or you can opt to choose a bundled package that gives you a bunch of services with some discount.

Most positive reviews say that it is a convenient to use service with all discount codes available, so you get a professional resume with full customization at a discounted price. In our review of this service, we have evaluated if their claims are valid or just some kind of propaganda that has no real value to users.


Highlights and special features

  • It was founded in 2008.
  • It has a starting price of $119.
  • It gives you many discounts.
  • Minimum resume production time is one day, maximum is five days.
  • It provides an interview guarantee with free revisions.

Now we can talk about some special features of this website. It contains a news section that is rich in such valuable content. There are many blogs and articles there that help you land the job perfectly. They teach you how to behave in the interview, what your body language should be during the process and how to act.

Blogs posted there  provide you with many valuable insights on how to manage your job well, to handle the pressure and thrive in a stressful environment. They teach you how to secure managerial and executive positions as well. But, I would say again, it is a kind of thing offered by every other website that offers resume writing services. I am not saying that it is a bad thing to provide some helping material, but, if a person wants to learn all these things then why has he come to hire you to write a resume for him? Maybe he does not have much time to write a resume himself, or maybe he is not an expert so he wants a professional resume written for him. In either case, he is not going to learn any of those tips and advice.

Types of services they offer

This website is basically here to help you get a good quality resume. However, besides that, you may need some additional services too that are offered by this website. If you visit the service section of this website, you get the following list of services

  • Resume writing
  • Resume editing
  • CV writing
  • CV editing
  • Cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile writing

If you analyze these services that are offered by resume planet, you can get a fair deal of idea that the services offered are relevant. It is not uncommon for a resume writing service to offer these additional services, nearly every service in the market is providing you with its associated services that you may need. However, it is a good thing on their part but it all depends on pricing. If they are providing additional services to generate more money, it is certainly not a good thing. After all, the more the services offered, the more money they can draw out of your pockets.

Now for the quality of services they provide. You get average quality work and that is it. In my opinion, the work is not of low quality but at the same time not very promising. You do not get very high quality resumes. I think the work received does not justify the price you pay.

You will also get follow up/thank you letters along with a CV or resume for whatever you ordered. The services are extensive and you can choose according to your budget and requirements.

You can also get your resume or CV delivered to job boards and employers as an extra service. You can also have your KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) evaluated by resume planet.

Here is a list of additional services that they provide totally free of cost.

  • Interview Tips
  • List of International Recruiting Agencies
  • List of 10 Top Job Sites



There is a whole pricing section where you can see and compare prices for different services they are offering. They do not have any hidden fees, you have an exact measure of bucks they will charge you for a service. It is a good thing which many resume writing websites lack.

There are different levels available for a given service. There is also a range of deadlines which you can select according to your needs and budget. There are many bundled packages available so you can choose what serves you best.

If you want a resume to be written from scratch for entry level, its price will range from $109 to $159 depending on the deadline you want your resume to be written in. If you choose $109, you will get your resume in 5 days. If you choose a $159 plan, you get your resume delivered within the deadline of 24 hours.

If you are using their website for the first time, you get a first time discount. All you need to do is type your email in the pop-up window and you get a discount.

In addition to entry level resumes, you can get these at the following levels:

  • Professional
  • Career Change
  • Executive
  • Military
  • Federal

When you purchase a bundle, you get a 15 percent discount, which is a decent deal.

All of the prices are outlined in a neat and clean manner, and yet again there are no hidden charges or fees.

So, they have an average price for an average rated work. The price is not very high which is a good thing, but at the same time not very low. It is a blessing in disguise because many resume services on the internet provide low rated work for very high prices.

The quality of customer support

This website provides average customer support. They have a button for.a live chat feature. You can click on the icon and get in touch with their representative. But, the downside of this feature is that they are very slow in responding back to you and this feature looks merely useless.

They also give you a telephone number and you can place a direct call to it. They also provide you links to their social media pages, which is a nice thing and you get in touch with their community.

In my opinion, they do not provide a real 24/7 customer support and you do not get what you are promised. In a nutshell, the quality of customer support service is not very good.

Design, user interface and navigation

This website hosts an elegant design that is appealing to the eyes. Everything is placed at its appropriate position and has a sense of proportion in it. It has a really aesthetically beautiful design.

The user interface is also great in the sense that it is convenient to use. You can access everything on the home page. They attach the necessary info to everything you might want to explore. They list features and details in a summarized form, so that you can have an idea about the service before trying it. In short, it is simple and easy to reach.

Now for the navigation part, it is simple and fast. You have everything before your eyes and can explore it without having to do a lot of unnecessary navigation.

It is the part where this website has done well. It is not that no other website has such designs or UI. There are many resume writing websites in the market that are even better than it. But, this website is also a good one in terms of design and UI.

To sum up, this website is user-friendly and convenient in terms of design, UI and navigation.

Final thoughts

This website is not of very low quality like many others out there in the market, but not above average either. It is a medium quality website in terms of quality of services offered and pricing. It is of low quality when it comes to customer support. In terms of design, it is very simple and beautiful. But, there are many resume writing websites that are better than this and provide more value for the money they charge you.


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