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Have you ever felt in need of a custom resume while running short of time? You may be in a hurry or have to do other assignments that can not be put off while you need a resume for a job you feel a desperate need to land. You may have come to various websites that offer a resume building service or let you make your own resume with their help, for some amount of money or free. Whatever experience you might have had at those sites, if you feel a need to build a resume again, may be the best website you can visit.

Call a spade a spade

While writing this review, as we always do when writing a review, the first thing we did was to visit the website and get a resume built by them. As it is not a resume writing service, but a repository of free templates that you can edit and build your own resume by putting in your information in already written sections, we got many resumes written by the website and downloaded them. After we had tested this website thoroughly, and had made sure that there is nothing left that has not been analyzed, we read different reviews about this website on the internet.

It was sad to know that the majority of those reviews were wrong and misleading, spreading fake information about the website. Websites as famous as and were no exception and nearly all of the reviews were fake and intentionally misleading. Some guys complained about having been deprived of their money by the website, while ironically, this website is completely free and you do not have to pay anything to get a resume downloaded in a format you like. You can download your resume in pdf and text formats or you can directly print it.


How does it work?

The website claims to have delivered 6 million resumes to its users to date and all that for free. It offers some 24 resumes to edit for different categories. You have to choose a category and a template pops up on the screen. You can also select some other templates by scrolling down.

Once you have chosen a template, you will start seeing question prompts to be filled with your own information. They will ask about your personal information, education, experience, and contact etc. There is another option to fill sections that will comprise education, employment history, hobbies and interests, professional skills, languages and references. You can skip any of the sections and just add your own custom section. These sections are easy to fill and there is nothing that will confuse you.

One of the great features this website has to offer to you is that it updates your information in real time and you have a preview of your resume being built to the right of the page. You can change the template, spacing, font style or its size, and see it being updated in no time in the preview.

Once you have completed your resume, you can download it in pdf and text formats or you can print it. You do not need to complete every section of it to be able to download it, indeed you can download it anytime you want.

Speaking honestly, you have got a very simple process to follow and can build a custom resume in no time.

The best thing about building a resume on this website is that you have complete control over what is being developed and see a preview of great visuals. The resume will be one page only, and that is what a resume should be.


This website is completely free.

Services they offer

This website is more about a resume creator than offering resume writing services. They have partnered with, which is the world’s largest jobs search company, and a resume that you create can be uploaded to which will give you personalized job suggestions based on your resume information. It is a great feature that can help you land a job without spending a penny on a resume or job search.

There are also many articles and blogs available on the website that are full of research references and make use of Indeed surveys.

In a nutshell, this website gives you an opportunity to build your own resume by filling in your own information in simple and easy to follow steps, in any template you like. It also provides you an opportunity to land a job based on your resume information, collaborating with indeed job search.

Quality of services

Since it is not a resume writing service, it lets you build your own resume from scratch, so we can not say much about the quality in terms of creative writing. The templates they offer are no doubt of excellent quality and the job is neatly done. They provide you with an elegantly designed resume on one page, without word stuffing. All the templates have great designs, and are aesthetically attractive. They are very professional in building a resume and know how to get it done nicely.

They have worked with to gain insight into what hiring managers at companies are looking for in person and in a resume. They claim to have their templates designed collaboratively with, so the resume offered is no doubt of professional quality and to the point. You really do not have to worry about the quality, they know how to sell a person and they know the buyers well, because of collaborating with the world’s largest jobs search engine.

You get a premium resume written for free. It is perhaps the best option in the market if you want a resume ready in minutes, for free, and having a quality that sets you apart from the rest of the candidates.

One of things that we have noticed about their resumes is that they do not use sophisticated words to sell a candidate. They use a matter of fact language in a language that sells, without having to resort to sensational and stunning words. Great quality, and they are the resume creators of the future who know how to sell a skill, not the person.


Design and User interface

This website has a simple design and UI. If I had to describe this website in a single line, I would say:

‘Truth is beauty and beauty is truth’.

This is what this website is. They have listed everything on the website in a visually alluring manner. You will get to know their services in a second. You are not confused at all, the UI is so simple. There is simple navigation that is easy to use.

You get what you are promised. There are no hidden charges or fees, you can download what you have created at any time. You will encounter no problem or error.

Customer support service

Since this is not a resume writing service, it is too much to expect a 24/7 customer support from them. However, they do not lag behind in this category either. They have a form available on the website that can be used to contact them. We have to write them our problems and in most cases, it takes them half an hour to get back to you. In our case, their agent was very responsive and approached us in a friendly manner. She gave us various solutions and links to several articles for our problem. It is great to have a free resume builder website that offers such great customer support.

Data and privacy

This company does not sell users’ data. They can show you the jobs based on your resume information, since they work in association with, and it is a feature that is helpful for many users. They do not sell your data in any case. You can delete your data anytime you want and the deletion will be permanent. They can also send you the data they have collected from you in an email, so you can have an idea about the kind of data they collect.


  • This website is completely free.
  • It has an easy navigation that comprises a step-by-step process which is easy to follow.
  • Users are notified of the Indeed jobs that match their resume.
  • Templates are categorized and are priority based.
  • This website has been acquired by Indeed, so they use Indeed surveys to inform you about their approach to resume building, which are really helpful and have a lot of insight.
  • It contains various articles and blogs under a career guidance heading, which are really helpful for many people and make a lot of sense since they are backed by research.

Final verdict

If you are a really busy person who wants a resume ready in less than half an hour, having a professional quality with no fees, this website is for you. It has a simple but elegant UI and design, has no hidden charges, and the templates provided are of premium quality. You will face no problem, it is so easy to use.


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