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An overall review of the website

The first thing that catches your eye when you visit this company’s website is how they are positioning themselves. The entire website literally screams that here it is, the number one company, the champion. And getting ahead of myself, frankly, there are some aspects in which they are really number one.

In terms of website design and layout, since I am the proud owner of a 22″ monitor, the first thing I noticed when visiting the “segment champions” website was the pixels in the background image of a woman. Guys, if you read this – I understand that the website needs to be optimized for fast loading, but from the desktop, it looks just awful. In general, the site, which is decorated in white-orange-black colours, looks good. There are many sections and information too, even too much – huge texts describing how professionally they write resumes, cover and letter, what useful advice they give, and in which giant companies they help to get a job. But is it really so …?

What they offer

So what does the number one company offer us if you blindly believe the reviews on Trustpilot? They offer resume and cover letter writing services, LinkedIn profile optimization, career coaching and career assessment services. And all of this sounds pretty good until you get to the cost of these services.

Here they are really “number one”. $ 349 for a resume if your work experience is less than two years, $ 459 if you have been working for more than two years, and $ 569 if your position is higher than the average employee.

Career Coaching: They offer 55-minute sessions where they will teach you how to build your future career— $179 for one, $449 for three, and $695 for five.

Career Assessment – for your money, you answer questions and receive a report with an assessment of your career on several points – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance; i.e., how a person behaves. For $99, you will only get a report, and for $149, you will also receive a 30-minute online consultation. Can’t believe someone pays for it.

Not bad, right? The prices are impressive, as they are 3-4 times higher than the prices at which other companies offer their services. Is it worth it? We checked.


Additional features

All the “additional features” besides the writing of the resume and the cover letter, I have described above. The blog is present on their website, but reading it you immediately come to the conclusion that they prefer to sell information, rather than share. Therefore, if you came here for advice, prepare your wallet, because these guys won’t tell you anything for free. It’s better to search for the information elsewhere.

Quality of the service

It would be simply amazing if you would not get the proper service level for that kind of money. Of course, everything is in order here. Everyone I spoke to answered politely and courteously. It is also worth noting that the answers came quickly, so that, probably, I would not change my mind and find someone who would do the same job for a more reasonable amount.

Quality of the product

This time, my character was an interior designer who spent $ 450 on a new resume to find his dream studio. I deliberately chose the creative profession to test how creative they would be in designing the resume of a representative of the creative position. Why did I decide to do this? Because on their website, in the “Resume Samples” section, everything is done in one template. And what do you think? My designer’s resume was made using this template. Of course, it made me giggle as it is exactly what I was expecting. When asked why my resume looks so boring, my writer replied that this is the best format for passing the Applicant Tracking System. Well, what can I say, the answer is brilliant, and even to some extent true, since the computer cannot read all sorts of beautifully designed tables, and such resumes are automatically screened out. But this does not apply to representatives of creative professions, and the key word here is CREATIVE. In general, this system is often turned off when looking for a designer.

Meeting deadlines

Everything was done on time. I have no doubt that for such money it is not difficult to provide it.


In conclusion, I would like to say that I would not recommend using this company’s services only because of the unreasonably high prices. It’s not worth it, and my example with the designer showed that the approach is not individual there. For everyone, one template is used, which is not bad in itself, but considering the cost, isn’t it easier to make a resume yourself or, in extreme cases, show it to another writer and pay a maximum of 200 bucks.

In general, the guys are great, because to earn decent money they don’t have to write hundreds of resumes a month, trying to satisfy everyone. A couple of dozen naive clients are enough, just need to convince them that they urgently need a career coach and get a couple of thousand dollars only by chatting with him.

I can’t rate them high, but I wish them the best of luck.