ResumeProfessionalWriters.Com Review: Are they fair enough?


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A brief overview

If you are in the resume writing business as long as the resume professional writers is, you will have a mixed bunch of reviews that will also include many unhappy customers. This is also the case with this website which has been in this business for a very long time, and this very thing makes it susceptible to a wide range of reviews both from satisfied and unsatisfied users.

Reviews that criticize this website do it for not getting a refund, poor customer support and poor quality work they got from those guys. There is no shortage of positive reviews too, which praise them for the best quality work they received and great customer support. Don’t these two kinds of reviews run 180 degrees to each other? The answer is a huge ‘yes’, and the reason for that is quite natural.

If we believe the number of resumes written by them as claimed by the website, which is more than 5 lac, we can easily conclude that quality assurance and maintenance could have been quite a problem. When you are doing it on such a large scale, it is logical to believe that there will be many shortcomings.

Most of the time, it is only the unhappy customers that write reviews. A satisfied customer usually moves on with his daily chores, and will not bother reviewing a service.

In my opinion, this website is dedicated to honesty and they mean business. They have no hidden agenda and have listed everything in a clean manner. You get what you are promised. Packages and prices have been demonstrated clearly, so you can decide for yourself if you want to choose their service.

You get dozens of example templates, divided into categories, and you can have a look at them before you buy a service. It is great as a customer to have a preview of the service they are going to have.


The purposes it serves

It is a website that can create resumes for you to land your first jobs or switch careers. They will deliver you a resume, LinkedIn profile makeover, CVs, and federal resumes to help you get a government job with a 60 days interview guarantee.

It is best for you to start from scratch. They will get your information and will use your strengths, skills, experiences and qualifications in a way that makes you a best fit for a job. That is how they sell you, and you have to pay them for their services, since it is not a free website.

It does not matter whether you are new to a job or want an executive level position in an industry, they will highlight your strengths and values in a selling manner. It does not matter also what kind of industry you want a career in, they have a lot of polished writers for various industries like planning, construction, education, health care and management, just to name a few.


They do not have any certifications to showcase their writers’ ability. As we see in the example templates, the quality of services is not bad. But it would have been better if they had highlighted some certifications that demonstrated their writers’ professionalism.

We see that on most websites that showcase awesome certificates, the quality of the service they provide remains awful. So it is also better not to showcase degrees, but to let the outcome speak for itself.

However, they have some in-house training that they provide to their writers. It is best on their side, and it is a thing that these companies should provide to their hired writers on a regular basis.

The process

Once you have visited their website and made up your mind to go with it, you can choose between four bundled packages based on delivery time and services they provide. You can purchase a bundle or you can go for a service alone.

Packages start from $125 and the high end packages will cost you $485. You can choose an individual service. For example, you can have a single federal resume for $300.

It is very nice on their part that they do not compel you to choose a whole package and have many services that are unwanted and have to pay for them too.

Once you have selected a package or a stand-alone service, you will have a pop up shown for a sign up. Once you complete the signup part, you will be asked to pay the requested amount for your package. If you do, you are in the system and your time starts here.

You will be shown a questionnaire that you have to fill with your own information that they are going to use in your resume.

Now the most beautiful part of it is that if you do not want to fill the questionnaire, you have an alternative to upload your already existing CV. They will crawl your information from this.

If you want to share some details via calling them, they have this facility too. Or you can contact their customer support to get in touch with your assigned writer, via email or phone and can discuss everything about your resume with him.

Customer feedback and reviews

It is the part where this website does not do well. Many people have lashed out at them for the poor quality of work they did, and some for refunds they were denied. It was easy to find that some of those reviews were unfair and dishonest.

Reviews that are available on the internet are mostly paid for and can not be trusted. Many websites that let users review different services are full of scammy and misleading reviews. We could not find the reason why these websites let these reviews get published and get away with it. There is no check on it, the only thing you can do is to first website yourself and get an idea about their services.

There are many reviews that show positive feedback and praise the website for the quality of work their writers did, and great customer support. That is also part of the business.

They are just honest with their services and do not try to control or manipulate the reviews. It is the best thing they can do and they are doing it right now.


Packages and pricing

Professional Resume Writers has a total of four packages to offer to you and they are the following with their pricing and all of their features.

Basic resume for $125

  • You will get your resume delivered in four days.
  • You will get unlimited revisions
  • You will get your resume in PDF and Word formats

Deluxe resume for $195

  • You will get your resume delivered in three days.
  • You will get unlimited revisions
  • You will get your resume in PDF and Word format
  • You will receive a thank you letter
  • You will receive a cover letter along with your resume

Premium resume for $305

  • You will get your resume delivered in three days.
  • You will get unlimited revisions
  • You will get your resume in PDF and Word format
  • You will receive a thank you letter
  • You will receive a cover letter along with your resume
  • You will get a job posting of your resume to 50 websites

Ultimate resume for $485

  • You will get your resume delivered in three days.
  • You will get unlimited revisions
  • You will get your resume in PDF and Word format
  • You will receive a thank you letter
  • You will receive a cover letter along with your resume
  • You will get a job posting of your resume to 50 websites
  • You will get free ebooks
  • You will get a Linkedin profile makeover

 It is necessary to mention here that if you want to have the best deal, you should go for a package. But, on the other hand, if you are happy with a single service, you can have it too for a different price.

They also provide a 60 days interview guarantee, so if you do not get a call for the interview, your writer will rewrite your resume as many times as you want. If you point out a mistake in the resume or request an edition, they will do it for free, thanks to endless revisions.

Customer support

ResumeProfessionalWriters’ customer support is not as it should be. They claim to have excellent customer support service, but what you get is not 24/7 support. They have a chat option on the website which is not very responsive.

The same is true for the email and phone number provided. When you want to place a call, often the line is very busy. They reply to your emails only at certain hours of the day that too are not specified on their website.

For an online service to have such poor customer support is not a good tell tale sign.

Some main aspects of ResumeProfessionalWriters

While we analyzed and reviewed this website, we noticed that some aspects of this website need to be evaluated more. We have categorized them and summarized them as follows.

Design and UI

The website has stuck to a minimalist design and a UI that is easy to navigate. The design is very simple but stylish, at the same time devoid of any flashy banners and other intrusive things that might be irritating.


We have noticed that this website does not have a rich content. It has very brief content available that is in a matter-of-fact language. They remain brief about anything you see on their website.

We have also noticed that ResumeProfessionalWriters is a very intuitive website with great functionality and usability. Their approach is simple and goal-centric rather than being customer-centric. They mean their business and do not persuade you heavily to get you taken unaware, which is a good thing. You know that you have come to a professional website.

The only thing that we disliked about this website is the poor customer support service because of unavailability and lack of responsiveness.


  • Quality work at fair prices
  • Bundled packages as well as individual services
  • Inuitive, simple and minimalistic design and UI
  • Interview guarantee and unlimited revisions
  • Easy navigation on the website
  • No hidden fees
  • Positive independent reviews as well as on-site testimonials


  • The payment has to be made even before you place an order
  • Poorly managed frequently asked questions section
  • Poor customer support service
  • Unresponsive customer support
  • Phone lines are often busy


This website is good if you want a professional resume written in a minimum of one and a maximum of four days. They are fair in their dealings and do not hide anything from you. The only downside to using their services is a not so good customer support.


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