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When you go to a website to build a resume for you, it is clear that either you are not an expert or you want to have a professional touch to your resume so that it stands out and sets you apart from other applicants you can land the interview with no worry. If a site does not do this job, it is of no use to you. The same thing happens with LiveCareer which is not worth your money and time if you are looking for a professional resume starting from scratch. It is a kind of service which suits you only if you are familiar with resumes and know this work very well, and just want to use software for the ease of operation or development.

User Interface (UI)

To be honest, it is very bad and ugly. It provides no details on how you can use their service and what options you get on their website. You just start wondering what to do the very moment you go to their website. There is a lack of, rather an absence of the information about the pricing and the packages and all that you see is a short, single page that has no information. There is a ‘Get Started’ button available on the page that leads you to their resume building page. There the process begins and you have to complete multiple processes to build your resume. You are also asked to sign-in which you can do through your Google or Facebook account and luckily, it is immediately done.

Only after you have signed in, you begin to see some sort of real interface and navigation. There appear multiple options and services on the top of the page which can be navigated easily. Overall, it is not a great homepage and one step leads to another. Not everything is listed on the homepage.

The problem of lack of details is severe that a user is completely confused and baffled about what to do. You can not even know whether it is a service that auto generates resumes for you using algorithms and machine learning or you can get your resume written by the professionals. It provides both of these services though, but it is not mentioned and you have no idea about it even after you have spent some time on their website and explored it enough.


Range of Services Offered

It is the more tricky part of the website and it confuses the already confused visitor furthermore. After carefully analyzing the website and getting through the games played by them, we have managed to sort it out for you for the sake of comparison. The following services are available on their website.

  • The entry-level resume that costs you $99.
  • The professional resume for $199.
  • Executive level resume for $299.
  • A cover letter for $60.

These are basically four types of services that you get from them. Unfortunately, users will get no additional services like LinkedIn profile makeover, follow-up letters, or thank-you letters, nothing.

There are, however, some templates, articles, and blogs available that are of medium to low quality and sometimes are impregnated with a lot of grammatical errors and semantic mistakes that are easily picked up. Such a poor work, while messing your mind up with their confusing interface. They are in the habit of disguising and misleading and do not leave any stone unturned to do that in their own creative ways.

They also have a resume builder and a cover letter builder tool available on their website and it is also of very poor quality. They guide you step by step in creating a resume or a cover letter and what you get in the end is a generic piece of work that is not really distinguished.

They have a resource section too that is really rich in content. It will contain blogs and long articles about how to write a resume and land the interview with mathematical precision. They have various categories in their resource section and have plenty of real and ingenious content on each of the topics.

There is a job section that will analyze your resume and will provide suggestions and the jobs that suit you most. They even charge for that and charge plenty of money. Sometimes the suggestions are worthless and the websites it shows to apply for the given job are nothing but a scam. We really wonder why they do that and why this section is there if it is so poorly managed.

Special Services, and Highlights

  • There are dozens of templates available on the website that you can use or have some idea from to create a resume on your own.
  • By using their cover letter builder tool, you can develop a professional cover letter within five minutes through easy to follow steps and guidelines.
  • There are more than a thousand available resume templates.
  • This site contains a job board and career resources that can help you land a job by analyzing your resume data and providing matching opportunities.
  • They have resume builder and cover letter builder tools that can be used for free.

Cons and Issues

  • This site lacks an easy to use navigation system.
  • This website provides a poor UI that lacks details and is confusing.
  • You can not know about the price until you have developed a resume through the template by starting from scratch or uploading one, only when you have completed your work and are done with the resume that the site demands money from you to download or print the resume.
  • They produce poor quality work that is not worth the money you have paid.
  • They are not honest about the pricing and hide it

Pricing and Discounts

They do not give you any discounts no matter how long you have been using their services. They are excellent at drawing money out of your pocket and do not want to slow down with time. 

Now for the pricing part, you get a cover letter for a fixed $60 which is basically the same for all levels of resumes you buy. The price of the resume varies between 99 to 299 and it is a steep price with no packages.

They say that the quality of work is excellent and thus the reason for the price being so high. We have examined and tested the quality of their work and it is not even acceptable, rather than being promising.

You can use their resume builder and cover letter builder tools for free which is a nice deal, but you can only save them online and can not download or print it. They make you pay $1.95 in order to download or print it, for a 14-day trial which you can cancel by writing to them before its last date.

They have a three-month subscription service that costs you $5.95 per month and is not auto-renewable.

They have an annual access package that costs you $71.40 and is auto-renewed at the end of the year.

Now, to add to the misery of an already confused customer, they are in the habit of changing their prices too. It is just disgusting to see their packages with ever new modifications and deals that are not suited to you and they want you to adapt to it.

About the Quality

They provide only one type of service and even are not good at it. The quality of the product was poor and the writer had used all the information word to word without even bothering rearranging or reproducing it. It is also true for their resume builder too as well which is very generic and is misleading. If you want to spend some time experimenting with their website and try if a better resume can be achieved by chance, you can give this site a try. If you want a better resume that is personalized for you and is something exclusive and unique, written by a professional, you should better look somewhere else to make better use of your time and money.

Customer Support

The customer service of this website is not great but is also not too bad. They will answer your queries only in working hours and working days. It is not something like 24/7 customer support but is also not bad.

Final Words

This website is best for its resources and free tools available that can be used with a little understanding. If you want a quick and generic resume for a job then this site can help you and you can get away with it. If you want to get a personalized resume that is unique and is made only for you, do not ever think about getting in touch with this website. It will not help you land a good job.


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