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Service Quality


Product Quality




Frankly, these guys surprised us very much, considering that they have been on the market for only about two years. You can probably start in such a competitive niche and compete with giants like or only if you offer exceptionally high-quality services at a reasonable fee, which they did. We stumbled upon this site unexpectedly, noticing that they also provide a free review of your current resume, and quite unexpectedly for ourselves, instead of a standard reply and offer to use their service, we received constructive criticism of the sent document.

They, however, politely asked to leave a review in return for their answer. By the way, so far, there is not a single negative review on them, which speaks of insufficiently large turnovers, and, therefore, the ability to individually work with each client at the highest level.


And this, perhaps, makes ResumesUniverse one, if not the most attractive website on our blog. When a business is just at the beginning, you cannot afford to leave anyone unsatisfied because if you get even one negative review, the number of stars will decrease dramatically, and many people will pass by.

This can be compared to a local family restaurant somewhere in Italy, where the number of tables can be counted on the fingers of one hand, he is in the kitchen as a cook, and she is an administrator and a waiter in the hall. Can you assume that you will be disappointed in how you will be served in such place?

Of course, in the case of ResumesUniverse, two people wouldn’t manage. They have a team of professionals who know the intricacies of recruiting. Therefore, the final product is very high quality.

What purposes it serves

The guys from ResumesUniverse mainly specialize in writing a resume, cover letter, a free resume review, as well as setting up a profile at LinkedIn. These are four services that they offer individually or in combination. In the section “our services” you can find a description of the services provided, as well as some useful statistics.

The site also has a section called “Samples”, where you can find samples of resumes, as well as advice on drawing up a document for this occupation if you decide to write it yourself.

On their blog, you will find dozens of helpful articles on topics related to employment. The number of articles is relatively small, but we found the content very useful.

They guarantee that by using their services, you will definitely get an interview within 60 days.

We think that many people, even those who are not looking for a resume writing service, will find this site quite informative and educational.

The Process

If you decide to order your resume in ResumesUniverse, the process will be quite straightforward. When ordering, you will be asked to attach your current resume, based on which they will compile a questionnaire and send it to you by email. If you do not have a current resume and want to start from scratch, you will be sent a basic questionnaire, which you will fill out immediately after ordering. After that, a writer will contact you by email for more information.

You can order each service separately, setting the urgency, or choose one of the service packages.

Prices for services start at $119 for a resume and end with a package of services that includes a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile Optimization for $259. It should be noted that prices seem reasonable.

Any questions that concern you before, during or after the order can be asked in the chat window in the lower right corner. Their customer service department worked like a Swiss watch for us, answering questions quickly and constructively. They also have a phone number that you can call if you don’t want to type.

Customer feedback and reviews

What do people say about ResumesUniverse? Little. Everything is simple – the company is young, it has only been on the market for about two years, plus not all people like to leave positive reviews and talk a lot about their experience, especially if it was good.

However, out of all the reviews, we could find for this company, none were less than 5 stars, which speaks for itself.

Of course, this may change in the future, or even by the time you read this article, and it probably will someday.

Presumably, no company, if it has been working for a long time, can avoid this. And this is normal because all people are different and there will always be someone who will be dissatisfied with even the best service.


Packages and pricing


  • You will get you resume delivered in 7 days for $119
  • The final product is very good quality


  • ATS-Beating resume
  • Original cover letter
  • Unlimited free revisions
  • 60-day interview guarantee
  • Price: $169, 7 day turnover


  • ATS-Beating resume
  • Original cover letter
  • Unlimited free revisions
  • 60-day interview guarantee
  • Executive writer
  • LinkedIn Profile optimization
  • Price: $259, 7-day turnover

You can choose to get it in 3 days, but the price is going to be higher.

Customer Support

As we mentioned above, our experience has shown that they respond quickly and constructively. We were not easy clients, as we asked them about the process in detail. We mainly used their chat and also wrote an e-mail to their support. They also answered quickly within a few hours. When you pay for the order, you are in the hands of a writer who works with you until the end, and generally, there is no need for their support team. The most important thing is that you will never be left alone, with your questions being unanswered.

Design an UI

The website is simple and designed with taste, in white and blue colors. The functionality is straightforward, so navigating it is very easy and intuitive. There are no pop-up banners and advertisements of other resources that could potentially distract you from your primary task of visiting on the site, which is very nice. The only thing that pops up is an automated message from their chat window, reminding that if you have questions, you can ask them here and now.


The site has a blog with articles and a section with resume samples, where you can get a lot of interesting and useful information if you are looking for a job. 

Some of the articles, such as “10 Tips for Novice Lawyers” or “Typical Resume of Designers and Copywriters” we found remarkably interesting as they provide tips that will advance you in your goals. 

The sample resume section’s content describes what potential employers expect to see when considering another candidate for an interview for the advertised position. For those who want to write a resume on their own this is a very useful section, as it gives a lot of advice and even in some cases a clear plan to follow. 

Of course, the section could have been much larger since there are many more occupations in the world than they have described.


  • Fantastic value for money ratio
  • Responsive CS representatives
  • Good quality content
  • Easy-to-navigate ad-free website
  • Individual approach


  • Not enough Resume samples
  • Expected more content in Blog
  • Company is still quite young
  • Very little customer feedback


Considering all of the above, the guys from ResumesUniverse won our hearts with their individual approach, a very responsive customer service department, and professionalism in resume writing. Yes, they are not the largest and most popular company on the market, but they, perhaps, at this stage, deserve the highest ratings and praise. Hopefully, they will improve their resume sample section, add content to their blog, and have enough reviews on review sites to add the trust they deserve.


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