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An overall review of the website

When I opened the website for icareersolutions.com, the first thought that came to me was, “Wow, these guys look serious.” And as it turned out, this is true. The first thing that catches your eye is the number of awards on the first page on the left. The company is an active member of the following organizations: The National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA), The Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW & CC), Career Directors International (CDI) and Career Professionals (CPC). In fact, they received most of the awards from these organizations. Scrolling down a bit, you will meet the founder and managing director of the company. Overall, the website makes an excellent impression and looks very trustworthy.

What they offer

The company offers an extensive range of multi-level resumes and CVs, depending on your experience and position. In each package, you can choose between Silver, VIP Gold and VIP Platinum. Their prices differ.

Mid-Career Professional

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Silver – $ 495.00

VIP Gold – $ 795.00

VIP Platinum – $ 1,295.00

Director, VP, SVP & EVP

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Silver – $ 695.00

VIP Gold – $ 995.00

VIP Platinum – $ 1,495.00

C-Level And Board Members

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Silver – $ 895.00

VIP Gold – $ 1295.00

VIP Platinum – $ 1,795.00

IT / Engineering Professional

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Silver – $ 495.00

VIP Gold – $ 795.00

VIP Platinum – $ 1,295.00

Federal government

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Unknown, the link is broken (oops)

Curriculum Vitae

CV, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Silver – $ 595.00

VIP Gold – $ 895.00

VIP Platinum – $ 1,295.00

Of course, prices are exorbitant, and not everyone can afford to pay for their services.


Additional features

Out of additional services, icareersolutions.com offers Career Coaching, Interview Coaching, Job Search Services. These other services are included in the price of some service packages, such as Platinum VIP.

The website also features an unremarkable, casual blog with few articles that I found slightly “outdated”. However, the site is clearly not informative but is aimed exclusively at selling its services.

Quality of the service

Very high level of service. They were friendly and polite with me throughout the entire process. It felt like I was really important to them, even though we were only able to order the cheapest package at $ 495. They spoke to me on the phone, asked questions about my work experience, about the desired place of work in the future, about career growth, and so on.

Quality of the product

What was the quality of the product? Wonderful. It was clear that they took my resume seriously, taking into account absolutely everything I told them on the phone or wrote by email. I would even like to find something to complain about, but really there is nothing. Everything is in place – format, structure, font choice, length of sentences, description of experience and achievements, etc.

Meeting deadlines

I received my resume much ahead of schedule. No revision was required.


So we got to the conclusion. I want to say that the quality of the services provided by icareersolutions.com is very high, as is the quality of the resume that you order. I think this is an ideal company for people of the highest positions, such as CEOs, directors, and other senior management personnel. The price will be too high for the rest, and I doubt that the middle-level employee needs the approach that the company offers. Their services are most likely targeted at people who can afford to pay $ 1k + for a resume. Aside from the incredibly high price and poor blog, there are no more downsides. If you’re not a CEO at Apple, but you’re a valuable expert in your field, other companies will write you a great resume for a lot less money. I wish the icareersolutions.com company more clients, as well as maintain the level of service at the proper level.