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The role a resume building website is becoming crucial in the time of ATS or applicant tracking systems that use AI to distinguish the candidate of choice in no time. Almost 90 percent of recruiters nowadays are using these softwares to skim down their selection of the candidates. When you are using a resume building tool or seeking the help of an expert or professional, you are making sure that the resume you get is ATS optimized and also customized for you so that it highlights your chief abilities well. It is here that most websites that claim to provide these services fail to deliver any promising results. The same is the case with ZipJob that is no different from others. It provides a great customer service within an affordable price, but it fails to deliver the quality content that it promises.


  • It makes sure that you get your first draft of the resume within seven days of initial sign up.
  • It provides an excellent format with a great design that can showcase your abilities and is able to sell you in a beautiful manner.
  • Its content is ATS friendly and keyword optimized so that you get an excellent skim over others and pass the screening tools used by most HR persons.
  • You get a one-on-one experience with a USA based writer who also belongs to your own field.


  • There is a relatively easy sign up process that is available on homepage.
  • Various insightful testimonials from famous recruiters.
  • The draft is delivered on time without you having to worry about it.
  • Final Resume contains a skills area with compelling and strong words, they write your skills in a very authoritative manner that other sites seldom do, or can not do the way they do it.
  • Great customer support.
  • An easy to use Interface, indeed a clean UI.


  • Sometimes the design makes it difficult to read the resume, font used is so small.
  • Use of cliches was easily recognizable and used often.
  • Summary was not of great quality and was loaded with details, how on earth someone will do that, especially if he is an expert. So it seems they do not have real writers or make compromises on the quality they deliver.
  • Education, Training and other sections are poorly written and it seems they just want to get away with their work and do not do it with a professional air.


The Entire Process Explained

The very first thing you do on their website is signing up with your credit card. They will let you know in a day that you are in the system and that they welcome you. It is an auto generated response and is very generic, but nearly every resume writing website is in habit of doing so, so you do not need to worry.

The next thing you have to do is to select a package and get started. (There are three packages available that will be listed in the pricing and packages part, so keep reading.) Once you have chosen a package, you see an option to upload a resume or fill out a form, so you can select what you are pleased with.

Then they will match you with a resume writer that can handle your category well, and they promise that the resume will come from a professional and will be designed to pass the ATS scans. They even charge you for the phone call to the writer, which most companies do not do, save for one.

Now what? You have to be patient and wait for seven days, then the writer will deliver your resume at the 11th hour and will remind you that the resume was delivered before the deadline. How poor of the service. They provide, however, a premium package after buying which you will receive your resume in three business days.

We Tested the Service for You

We tried to test their service, quality of content, design and the format of the resume by signing up and selecting the Launch Package. After receiving our first draft, we tried to analyze and review the quality of it. Below follows what we have found and evaluated for you.

Design and Format Part

We received a resume that was really fine, rather refined in design and format both. There was one shortcoming however on their part that the resume writer used a very small font to reduce it to the size of a single page. It would have been better if he had spread it across two pages or one page and a half, as it would have been nice to read and understand then.

Summary Section

It was a real disappointment to see a summary that comprised six lines of a small font loaded with cliches and words that were too general and generic, and indeed were sufficient enough to offend a good recruiter. They had done the job poorly and to add more to our misery, included an objective statement too to it that is a headache and is disliked by professional recruiters and HR managers unless a candidate wants to land its first interview, which was not the case with our applicant.

Handling of Skill Section

It was sad to see that the skill section was poorly written and poorly managed, even that they separated the skills through commas. It is a thing that recruiters especially dislike and there are very good chances that your resume will be rejected in a first glance by them. It was good to see that they did not use tables to separate the skills, as an ATS is not able to crawl the tables efficiently or in a perfect way. They delivered a skill set that was truly ATS optimized, we can say.

They were able to add to the skills we had provided in our resume. The additions made were valuable, even necessary. It was a good job done by their writers, only the format was poor.

Experience Section and Our Experience

The experience section was bulleted and was not in the paragraph form. It is the worst form of writing a work experience that is distasteful for most recruiters. It is a job any one can do with almost similar results and surely, no one would like to pay for such a poor job that can be done in a minute or two. It was a real disappointment we had to face.

What is the reason for producing such a poor experience section? It is due to the fact that they want to get away with it as soon as possible once you have made payments. They are not in the habit of asking questions and wanting clarifications so that they can produce a compelling work statement. They try to reproduce what you have already written in your submitted resume. They play the game of words without a real impact. That is how they do the things, get it done and get away with it.

Important details from the work history are missing and the reason for that has been described above, i.e. not asking questions and relying only upon the resume you have submitted to them.


It was a part that was not unlike others and followed the pathway that other writers are in habit of following. The writer repeated the same mistake that is often repeated by mediocre writers, of writing the degree and the university in a single line. In our opinion, they should be written in two consecutive and separate lines.

They will change the first draft after many emails and will often come with their own innovative ways to tackle the problem. They will fix the problem rather than correcting other sections too, that have also been affected by the same issue and need rewriting.

Guarantees and Claims

ZipJob claims to make a resume that will help you land twice as many interviews in a sixty days time period. If you are not satisfied with their work, they will assign your resume to a senior writer who will match the job descriptions of you and will come up with some ideas to help you edit the resume in a way that it can land interviews without failure. The work is often satisfactory once you’ve been assigned a senior writer, who understands your feelings well and helps you in the best possible manner he can.

Certifications, Samples, and Testimonials

ZipJob claims that all of its writers are certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches.

They have provided some after and before samples on their website, which are helpful for you to decide whether you should go for their services or not.

They also list their rating on various consumer review websites that is very compelling and above 4.5 for nearly every website. Testimonials are also given that showcase very promising results users got from this company.

Pricing and Packages

There are three plans available that are named and priced as follows.

Launch plan for $139

  • Professionally written resume
  • Keyword optimized for ATS
  • One-on-one conversation with a USA based writer
  • First draft delivery within four to seven days

Fast Track for $189

  • Professionally written resume
  • Keyword optimized for ATS
  • One-on-one conversation with a USA based writer
  • First draft delivery within four to seven days
  • A cover letter
  • 60 days guarantee
  • 60 days guarantee

Premium for $299

  • Professionally written resume
  • Keyword optimized for ATS
  • One-on-one conversation with a USA based writer
  • First draft delivery within four to seven days
  • A cover letter
  • A linkedIn Profile Update
  • Prepared by the most senior staff on their website
  • Three days delivery


To be honest, this service is for entry level job seekers available in a best price deal. If you want to sell yourself and want to land a really good job, this is not the service for you.

They deliver the resume only on the last day, so do not expect a quick response from them. They are in the habit of delaying things and postponing everything for the eleventh hour.

Experience and Summary sections are not very good and are even worse. They develop a one page resume no matter how much experience and abilities you have, so they will nearly always use smaller fonts that are difficult to read and can give you quite a headache if you try to read the resume carefully, or you will end up developing eye strain.


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