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Why do you come to a website when you have to build a resume for a particular job. It is a sad truth that most of these sites have their algorithms ready to pretend to be a professional and give you a generalized resume that can fit almost every job. It is for sure that you have not come there to be scammed and looted by AI. You want to be hired and the purpose of a perfect resume is to enable you to land the interview, at least. For this you have to stand out from the rest of the party and need a resume that sets you apart from others.

This is how things should work, if a website is being truthful about its services and offers money back guarantee if things do not turn out the way they should. Monster Jobs seems to be an exception when it comes to resume part of their website and certainly not like others. It offers free revisions if a user is not satisfied with the resume their writer has written for him/her.

This is a company that offers people land a job that suits them most based on their resume. On the other hand it gives an opportunity to employers to hire the best candidate for a role they need, based on the data of the user it has the privilege of access. In addition to its main two services, it provides its writing services that include a resume, a cover letter and a LinkedIn profile makeover for the user.

We have evaluated its writing services for you, by becoming their customers first hand and getting our sample resumes developed by writers. We have assessed the quality of the work and the support their customers have the privilege of having, and have made an account of events that one needs to get through to have his/her resume ready to download and print as soon as it is received. We have also analyzed many other things that a review must assess, and have tried to give you an unbiased and unprejudiced opinion.


Key Highlights

They claim to write a resume that is:

  • 100% user satisfactory or they will write for free if a user is not satisfied by the quality of work he has received.
  • Written by certified professionals only that have years of experience as recruiters or or hiring managers in the industry and have received training programs developed by Monster Jobs itself.
  • Fully customized and thoroughly individualized and takes into account everything that a user has done and accomplished and highlights what he is inspired to do and what set of skills he is truly good at.
  • Keyword optimized and is a best fit for online screening tools that are used by hiring managers and human resource personnels all over the world.

Website Design and Price Display

As I have told you, this is a website that is unlike others and has some sort of originality in it that is sometimes breath taking. It has a clean design that shows every piece of information you are supposed to be looking for. It has listed all of its packages and their pricing in a clean matter and on a single click it is in front of you in the form of great visuals loaded with package details. It is here that this site sets itself apart from the rest of others that are its contemporary and competitors. It does not hide any fees from you, and you get what you are told and promised.

How it Works?

One can get started at this website by paying them through a credit card. In all possibility, you will receive a response from them within a day and it is comforting to know. 

The Questionnaire Part

After you have made payments, you have to fill a questionnaire that will take almost 20 minutes. It is an essential part and needs to be carefully done.

After this step, you are allowed to upload your resume to the website and it will tell you that they have received your content. After two days they will inform you that you have been matched with your resume writer and can be in touch with him/her.

The First Draft

After you have submitted your resume to them, it is within five days that your writer will deliver you the first draft of your resume after carefully writing it.

The design and the format of the resume is not always ideal but acceptable. We have assessed it multiple times and the quality of the design and the format delivered is just promising.

The summary section was just awesome and it highlighted the qualities of the person well. They are just amazing doing this part and write for us in very compelling and matter of fact wording. It is very personalized and is written by the professionals who really know and understand what you want them to write for you.

The next section is a skill set of the person and you will soon find that it addresses ATS or applicant tracking systems as well and is optimized for them. It is nicely formatted and properly spaced so that an ATS can read it with ease. You will come to know that they are excellent in fetching skills from the content of your resume.

The experience part needs special care and it needs to be in a three lines limit. It is where your writer has to sell you in a best possible way to a recruiter and Monster Jobs writers do this job very well and are generally good at it. They will ask you clarifying questions to make your resume more strong and powerful.

The education part is briefly touched by them and they will try to sell your qualification in two or three lines in order to keep your resume short, brief and to the point.

The Training and Certification part is also very brief and they should pay more attention to it. They keep summarizing your abilities and keep it very short, God knows for what. They should highlight all the details and there is no harm in it if not benefit.

Certified Writers?

Monster Jobs claims to have writers that have been working in HR programs and were recruiters in different categories and niches. These diverse groups of writers are matched with and picked for your resume depending upon the category a user belongs to. We have tested this claim by getting them to write for us for various categories and it seems that their claim is true. Authors seemed to understand the industry well in every single case.

Now for the certifications, they say that all of these writers are certified but there is no way we can verify this claim. They also clearly showcase that their writers have been trained by the Monster Jobs itself and again we have no idea what kind of training they have been given.

They have no testimonials available on their website and neither showcase it, nor brag about it.

They are however ready to revise your resume if you are not satisfied with it, and will write it free for you if you are still not satisfied with it within sixty days.

The Pricing and Packages

There are three packages available on the website, and the price is also reasonable when we actually see the above average content they deliver us.

  • Basic package that includes a resume in $129.
  • Deluxe package that includes a cover letter along with the resume in $169.
  • Premier package that includes a LinkedIn profile makeover in $349.

They provide you a fully customized resume that is keyword optimized in word format. They claim it to be made to pass the screening tools used by the recruiters and written by professionals. In our experience they deliver what they promise and this website can be trusted. They will deliver your resume in the Word format.

Now for the cover letter, they say that it is clearly written to grab recruiter’s attention, tells your value well and provides a compelling call to action.

LinkedIn makeover reflects your abilities in a quick summary, is rich in keywords that highlight your skills and is designed to establish a brand and a professional image/persona of you.

The Verdict

We can definitely recommend Monster for your resume development as its price is very low and you definitely get an above average content in nearly all cases. You will love their work, and their customer service is always great. You get a personalized resume, cover letter that highlights your abilities well and an effective LinkedIn makeover. Building a professional resume is an art and they are great artists. They surely stand out from rest of the websites that claim resume building services. You can surely land the interview with the resume they build for you, and the results are always promising. One of the best manual resume builder websites, that pays attention to the quality of the work their customers require from them, and it is the thing that they pay most attention to, the quality of the content!


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