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It is a resume writing company that has been in this business since 1999. Despite many bold claims, this website features a plain design and has no live chat option. With an experience spanning two decades in the industry, it is natural to expect something extraordinary in terms of quality from a company. What we found, in this case, is quite the opposite. They have not done much to improve their service rather it has deteriorated as time passed. Now, the situation is so much worse that nearly every review on the internet about this company is negative. That is why we took the challenge of evaluating this resume writing service and reviewing it.


An overall review of the website

This website has an old-fashioned design that lacks many essential features of a modern website such as aesthetic appeal. It is not poorly designed but the design is not innovative. It seems that it has a template design and they have just copied it from somewhere.

Now for the functionality of the website, we can say that it offers information with some sort of exaggeration. They write many high-sounding phrases that are hollow and their claims are hard to verify. They offer some services and when you select a service, you see different packages for a service. These packages are almost the same for each of the services. They should have come up with some innovative ways of offering services.

Navigation is simple but it takes some time to load a page.

What they offer

This company focuses mainly on resume writing. We found that they offer resume writing services for different categories such as student, professional, career change, military/civilian, tech/IT, and executive resumes.

Besides these, they offer some additional services like LinkedIn profile writing, cover letters, and CVs. when you explore their services in-depth, you will find that they offer thank you and follow up letters for some categories.

It takes 3 days or 72 hours to get a resume from them, which will be delivered in MS Word format.


Additional features

This website offers resume writing services only. There is no job board posting. There are no helpful resources or articles on the website either.

Quality of the service

We evaluated some sample resumes available on the website and checked their quality. We found them to be quite ordinary and there were many errors in them. Some critical grammatical mistakes were obvious. We were also disappointed by the resume delivered when we ordered one. It was not bad but it did not justify the money they charge for a resume.

Pricing and discounts

There are eight packages available on the website that differ slightly in terms of features and price. The turnaround period is 72 hours but you can receive your resume within 24 hours provided you give them a fortune extra bucks.

The prices range from $169 to $299 for different packages.

The discounts work only for returning customers. You pay half the amount of your first payment for a similar service if you are a repeat customer. We found a hidden agenda there. To avail of the discount, you have to upgrade your account which will cost you some 100 bucks. It is just ridiculous. Better they had not offered any discount.

Quality of the service

In terms of customer support, this website lacks many essential features of a modern-day resume writing service. They do not provide a live chat button. You can contact them through email. A phone number is also there which you can use to call them.

They will not reply to you within a day. If you are new to their website, they may not reply to you at all.

Some important features of a good service are missing here, despite their bold claims about their company.

Quality of the work received

They claim that they assign you the writer who understands your field well and would possibly be the expert in the relative field. They also say that they match you with a writer who better knows your industry. We were immensely disappointed when we received our student resume. It was okay but it did not justify the price of the package. The cover letter has some mistakes in it.

Do they meet deadlines?

Yes. They promise that you will receive your work within 72 hours. You will receive it at the eleventh hour, which is okay. You can pay them extra bucks and receive your order within 24 hours.


This company has been in this industry for two decades and seems to have done very little in this time. In terms of customer support, this company lags behind many others. The prices are fairly high, and the content received doesn’t justify such a high price. If you want to make a really good use of money, better look for alternative resume writing services that provide better quality for a low price.